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As your corn snake grows, it will shed it's skin. This usually happens about once every few weeks when they are small. The time between sheds increases as they get older. As an adult, a corn snake may shed only every few months. The time before shedding is called "blue phase." During this time, you may notice that your corn snake's colors are getting darker and dull looking. At one point, it's eyes will look cloudy or blue. This is when your snake is "deep in blue phase." After that, the snake's eyes will clear up and it's scale colors will look almost "normal" again. This is when some people get concerned, because the snake never shed and it doesn't look "blue" anymore. Don't worry, though, this is normal. It just takes 3-4 days after the corn snake clears up until it sheds. You may see your snake pushing hard on the glass or rubbing it's nose on everything. This is because it's trying to start the shedding process.

The snake's shed should come off in one piece. If it doesn't, that means that the humidity is too low. Many corn snakes like to soak in their water dish before they shed. You can also provide a "moist hide" that will also help him have a good shed. Place damp moss under one of the hides or make a separate one. Just take any lidded container, cut an entrance hole, and fill the container with damp moss. The moss (usually labeled as green or spaghnum moss) can be purchased at craft stores, greenhouses, home improvement stores, and at general merchandise stores that sell plants. If your corn snake doesn't have a complete shed, there are a couple things you can do. Either let him slither through a damp towel while you are holding him, or place him in a lidded container (with air holes) that is filled with wet paper towels or moss. It may take quite a while, but when you come back to check on your snake, the old skin should have softened and come off. It will at least be softened, so you can gently help the snake get the incomplete shed pieces off.

Always check your corn snake's shed to make sure it's complete... including the tail tip and eye caps. These are areas that can cause your snake the most trouble if the old skin is retained. .

corn snake moist hide spaghnum moss
Moist Hide w/ Spaghnum Moss
corn snake partial shed remedy
Corn Snake Partial Shed Remedy
corn snake complete shed with tail tip and eyecaps
Complete Shed with Tail Tip and Eye-Caps

If you notice that your corn snake is in blue phase, skip the next meal and wait to feed until after it has shed. Some corns will refuse to eat during this time (even right before you notice that they're in blue phase). It's more difficult for them to digest food during this time. If your snake acts a little nervous during this time, just give him his space. Just imagine if your skin was tight, and you didn't feel too great. On top of that, your eyes were all cloudy and you couldn't see very well. You might be a bit shy or nervous too. :o) It's normal for them to hide out a bit more during this time.

Shedding Photos

corn snake moist hide spaghnum moss
Anery Motley Corn Snake Shedding
corn snake moist hide spaghnum moss
Normal Corn Snake Shedding
corn snake moist hide spaghnum moss
"Like My New Hat" lol... Just Starting to Shed
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