All About Corn Snakes

Caring For Your Corn Snake



hypo bloodred corn snake
Hypo Bloodred Corn Snake

It's fun and exciting to get a new snake. Remembering a couple handling rules will help him adjust and do well at his new place. After your new snake arrives, you can hold him for a few minutes... but then it's best to put him in his new home and let him settle in for a couple days without handling or feeding. He needs this time to relax after the big trip and get adjusted to his new home. After a couple days, you can give him his first meal.

After your snake eats, it's important that you let him have a couple undisturbed days to digest his food. Too much handling during this time can stress him out and cause him to regurgitate his food. So... give him about 48 hours, and then you can hold him each day until it's feeding time again.

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