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Corn Snake Water Dish Ideas

Use a water dish that is large enough for the snake to submerge in. Some corn snakes like to soak in the water to soften their skin before shedding. Change the water at least twice a week or more if it’s dirty. I recommend using bottled water for your corn snake. That's because your city tap water may contain fluoride and/or chlorine. If you choose to use tap water, de-chlorinate it before giving the water to your snake. There are a couple ways to do this. The first is to age the tap water by letting it sit in an open container for at least 24 hours. This allows the chlorine in the water to escape into the air. Kits with de-chlorinating chemicals can also be purchased. Do not use distilled water for your snake, because it lacks the important minerals your snake needs. There are lots of kitchen type items that can be used for water dishes... cereal bowls, canning jars, condiment cups etc. Just pick one that's the right size for your snake. There are also "rock-looking" dishes you can also purchase in the reptile section at most pet stores.

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