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Caring For Your Corn Snake



By nature, corn snakes like to hide. You should provide hides on both the “cool” and “warm” areas of your snake's enclosure. That way, your snake can choose where it feels most comfortable. If you only have one hide, the snake may stay where the hide is... even though it would prefer to be somewhere else.

corn snake in hide
Corn Snake in Hide
corn snake hides
Corn Snake Hides
corn snake hides
Corn Snake Hides

There are lots of things that can be used as hides. You can find a variety of fake stump, log, cave, hut type hides at pet stores. You can also use household items like empty boxes, cardboard toilet paper/paper towel tubes, pvc pipe etc. to make your own hides. These simple items make great hides and are inexpensive too.

homemade hides
Homemade Corn Snake Hides
water dish hide combo
Water Dish/Hide Combination

If you have little kids, grandkids, brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews, why not get them involved in caring for your corn snake?! Younger kids love to make hides out of boxes. It's a fun project and gets them involved. One advantage to using the cardboard type items is that they can just be thrown away when soiled. No washing needed for these hides... just make a new one.

Another idea is to get a water dish/hide combo. The cut out areas at the base of the dish allow your corn snake to crawl in and hide. You should place this type of hide on the cool side of your snake's home. They are easy to find... just look in the dog dish section at your local stores.

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