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under tank heater
Under Tank Heater and Rheostat
Digital and Color Change Thermometers
thermometer with probe
Thermometer w/ Temp Probe

Having the correct temperatures is important to keep your corn snake alive and healthy. For a tank enclosure, an under tank heater (UTH) and thermostat or rheostat is recommended. Your corn snake should have a “warm” and a “cool” side in his new home. That way, it can decide where it’s most comfortable. For this reason, an under tank heater should be placed underneath one end of your tank.

Before placing your snake in his new home, check the temperatures. Many stores sell thermometers that have a temperature probe attached. These work great and are easy to use. The “warm side” temperature should always be measured UNDERNEATH the substrate where the hide is. The optimum “warm” side temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Corn snakes like to find a warm spot after they eat. Having the “warm” side temperature will help your snake digest it’s food. The under tank heater (UTH) provides belly heat which is important in helping your corn snake digest it's food. When using a UTH, make sure that you observe all cautions listed on the label/box to avoid the risk of fire.

Hot Rocks should NOT be used, because they get too hot and can make contact burns on your snake. UV light is not necessary, because corn snakes get everything they need from natural light.

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